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Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Mathematics Programmes offered by FSM are within the framework of science and mathematics. The main goal of each programme is to improve and strengthen the knowledge and skills of future graduates/teachers, and to prepare them in the field of science and mathematics education for secondary and tertiary institution

Pengenalan UPSI dan FSM

Pengenalan UPSI dan Fakulti Sains dan Matematik

Pengenalan Jabatan Biologi dan Jabatan Fizik

Pengenalan Jabatan Matematik dan Jabatan Kimia

Medsi dan Tips Temuduga ISMP


Seminar Atas Talian

FSM Alumni Sharing Session


Postgraduate Open Day Seminar 1.0

Moh ke Fakulti Sains dan Matematik

Jerayawara Projek Penyelidikan Tahun Akhir Sarjana Muda FSM – Semester A202

Video Promo IPCSM ICSTEM 2021

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