FSM is committed to providing efficient, professional and ethical services to our customers as follows:


1.     Ensuring Academic Faculty Handbooks are distributed during the first week of admission of new students each academic session.

2.     To ensure students have done their semester registration through MyUPSI Portal within two (2) weeks from the date the lecture started in every semester.

3.     Ensure instructional design (RI) and teaching materials are accessible in MyGURU the first week of lecture.

4.     Ensure coursework marks are displayed for review by student at week 13 lecture.

5.     Ensure that students receive the guidance and academic counseling at least three (3) times during each semester.

6.     To ensure any approval for application to undertake activities are responded within seven (7) working days.

7.     Ensure tools and equipment for the laboratory / workshop / store is ready for use no later than 10 minutes before classes begin.

8.     Make sure that the recipient list of dean certificates are displayed two (2) weeks after the approval of the Senate.

9.     Ensure that customer complaints are responded to within 24 hours.

10.  Ensuring counter service for any questions are treated within five (5) minutes.