The history of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics began with the establishment of the UniversitiPendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in 1997 with the name, the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST). In line with the vision and mission to transform UPSI to be internationally renowned, UPSI restructured the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) to become the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) effective from 1st June 2010.

The restructuring of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics is to prepare the faculty to lead the exploration of current and relevant knowledge so that FSM will always be at the helm of science and mathematics. The Faculty of Science and Mathematics will play its role in the development and transformation of the nation’s educational agenda of through its existing programs, new researches, consultancies, publications and community service activities.

Programs offered by FSM are programs that are related to science and mathematics. The main goal of each program is to improve and strengthen the knowledge and skills of future graduates or teachers and to prepare them in the field of science and mathematics education in the secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Programs offered hopefully will contribute towards the development and advancement of knowledge and skills, basic sciences, applied sciences and mathematical logics in line with the faculty’s motto; that is “Nurturing Creative Mind.” The excellence achievements by the faculty are evidenced by the numerous awards and recognitions given in the fields of researches and innovations at the national and international levels.

In addition, the Faculty of Science and Mathematics is also active in community services through various activities and ongoing programs including the Perak Expo for Young Scientists (PEYS) and several activities under the BITARA school project and the Cluster School KPT-KPM project.