The Offshore Program is an existing study that is implemented according to a special mode
plans in which the standard program offered is equivalent to the program of study


The Coastal Diploma in Science (Mathematics) program is a diploma program equivalent to the program
A full -time Diploma in Science (Mathematics) implemented in a special mode provides an advantage
for students for study training at the nearest location.


Advantages of following the Coastal Diploma in Science (Mathematics) program:

        i. Flexible study hours are not subject to a full semester of study time.
        ii. Easy access – learning is done on site.
        iii. Hybrid learning gives students the opportunity to learn face -to -face and online.
        iv. Reasonable tuition fees

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This program is open to candidates who follow the Science stream at the SPM level. Every candidate who
applying for a Diploma in Science (Mathematics) program is subject to General Requirements
University and Special Program Requirements.


(i) General Conditions

Open to all Malaysian Citizens and Passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/Equivalent
with at least FIVE (5) credits/Grade C including Language subjects
Malay / Bahasa Malaysia and graduated with history (SPM 2013 and above).


(ii) Special Program Conditions

Obtained at least HONORS in Mathematics subject at level SPM
Obtained at least a pass/Grade E in the subject of Additional Mathematics
Obtained at least a pass/Grade E in English.